Unraveling the Mystery: The Best Way to Learn Chess Openings

Kumar Gaurav
Unraveling the Mystery: The Best Way to Learn Chess Openings

Welcome, fellow chess enthusiasts! If you're just starting your journey into the intricate world of chess, you've likely found yourself bewildered by the vast array of chess openings. Fear not, for I'm here to guide you through the best way to learn chess openings and demystify this crucial aspect of the game.

Understanding the Basics: 

Chess openings set the stage for the battle ahead, determining the initial positions of your pieces and influencing the flow of the game. To navigate this labyrinth, start by grasping a few fundamental concepts:

Control the Center:

  • Begin by controlling the central squares (d4, d5, e4, and e5). This provides a solid foundation for launching attacks and controlling the board.

Develop Your Pieces:

  • Prioritize the development of your knights and bishops before moving your queen. This ensures harmonious piece coordination and a more robust position.

Ensure King Safety:

  • Don't forget about your king's safety! Castle early to secure your king behind a wall of pawns, protecting it from potential threats.

The Power of Repetition: 

Now, let's dive into the best way to learn these openings - repetition. Just like learning a musical instrument or a new language, repeating chess openings is key. Here's a simple roadmap:

Choose Your Opening:

  • Start with a basic opening that aligns with your playing style. The King's Pawn Opening (1.e4 e5) and the Queen's Pawn Opening (1.d4 d5) are excellent choices for beginners.

Learn the Main Lines:

  • Focus on understanding the main lines of your chosen opening. Recognize common patterns, typical pawn structures, and key ideas associated with that opening.

Practice, Practice, Practice:

  • Play games using your chosen opening regularly. Online platforms like Chess.com and lichess.org provide a conducive environment for practicing openings against opponents of varying skill levels.

Analyze Your Games:

  • After each game, review and analyze your moves. Identify mistakes and learn from them. This iterative process sharpens your understanding of the opening and enhances your overall gameplay.


Utilizing Online Resources: 

In the digital age, a wealth of resources is at your fingertips. Leverage online platforms, chess forums, and tutorial videos to deepen your understanding. Along with Scriptchess.com Websites like there are a plethora of websites over the internet that are fantastic sources of knowledge.


Best tools for learning Chess Opening:


Opening Explorer:

We have a free opening explorer where you can find the opening of your choice and learn that opening. Our opening explorer contains over 3000 openings. We also have full variations explained for a few openings like caro-kann

Game Explorer:

In my opinion, the Game Explorer is probably the most underused tool. It can not only provide you with the moves played in certain positions but also can prepare you very well for any opening along with its variations. 

Just imagine what happens when you add the power of Stockfish to this tool. Our free search engine. Does exactly that, so that you can check whether a move played earlier was good or bad and even find new variations.




Learning chess openings is an exciting journey filled with discovery and improvement. Embrace the process, stay consistent, and soon you'll find yourself confidently navigating the chessboard. Happy playing!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn chess openings?

Try to identify your playing style and then choose the opening that you like. Avoid opening with too many variations. Use tools like Game Explorer, and Opening Explorer to refine your understanding

Which chess openings to learn first?

If you are not sure, which opening to choose then I suggest you choose London Opening with White and caro-kann with black. The reason is the same as I explained above. You can play the same move order almost all time against any opening that your opponent chooses.

Where can I learn all the chess openings?

Use Our Opening Explorer or Game Explorer to learn opening. If you are comfortable in using engines then I suggest you use our free chess engine, as it has Game Explorer inbuilt (with name “Move Explorer”) 

Should a beginner learn chess openings?

I Strongly recommend learning chess opening at the beginner stage, as it will guide you with the best chess practices. It's way better than trying hundreds of things aimlessly

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Jeff Lowery (fensterchess.com)


Thank you for the thoughtful article.

Jeff Lowery (fensterchess.com)


Thank you for the thoughtful article.



for you assumption that 256 would be enough to count moves I'd like you to have a look at this game: https://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1268705