Welcome to Scriptchess Training Program

Scriptchess Training program

Scriptchess has a unique Chess skill improvement plan. This is a self-paced program, but if you choose to share the progress, I will be more than happy to be involved to help you further.

Once you choose to start the training, an Open Training button (shown below)


You Can click on this icon any time to resume your training.


What to do at the beginning of this training?

To start, you will have to analyze all your games played in the last month, for example, you can analyze all your games played on chess.com in the last month using our Multiple Game analyzer tool.

This will allow our tools to understand your weaknesses and our plan will be based on those analyses to improve your games.

Each day you will have to dedicate not more than 2 hrs to complete this training.


What will you be doing in this training?

The training program will ask you to perform these tasks each day

  1. 20 Puzzles
  2. 2 Games with bots
  3. You will be analyzing these games and will be replaying positions where you made mistakes (If any)
  4. Based on the game played, we will suggest you master's game to analyze

You can also choose to divide these tasks into multiple days and repeat them until you see significant improvement.

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