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Turn: Black To play
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Theme: advantage discoveredAttack middlegame short
Opening: Bird_Opening Bird_Opening_Dutch_Variation

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.Solving chess puzzles improves your chess skills. Usually the position given in puzzles doesn't appear in real life games but the ideas used to solve them can be used in real games. The puzzle trains you to spot such ideas in different positions.

Most of the puzzles on Scriptchess are taken from Lichess's Open puzzle database.  These puzzles are developed using different kind of themes and phases of games that trains you with all kind of chess tactics and positional skills. You can search puzzles of specific theme, opening, pieces or by rating.

If you are starting with chess then puzzles are good for you to start understanding chess better, If you are good with chess then practicing puzzles will boost your confidence and will train you to spot weakness in opponent's army camp.

There are many different kind of Chess tactics I am mentioning few below to help you get started with chess. If you are aware of these chess tactics then you can skip this and continue with practicing chess puzzles.


What is chess tactic

Chess Tactic are ideas that help a player achieve winning position or recover from loosing position. There are many kind of chess tactics eg:  Fork, Removal of defender etc


List of different chess tactics you must know



In fork one player attacks multiple pieces of opponent's in single move. In th ebelow image 1. White attacks black's rook and bishop at same time with its knight but black can survive this by checking white's king and then moving bishop away from attack,. but in Image 2 white is attacking black's king, rook and bishop all at same time. Black must save his/her king and white can grab rook or bishop for free depending on where the king moves

Image 1
Image 2


Removal of defender: 

Removal of defender is a chess tactic in which player forces or capture a piece of opponent's so that it release control of a particular square that can give player a winning advantage either by capturing a piece or forcing mate etc.

In below image, black's knight is saving checkmate by controling f8 square. If this knight is removed somehow then whict can play Rb8 to checkmate king, hence in these position white can sacrifice its queen to remove defender of f8 square by capturing this it.


White Sacrifices the queen by capturing knight to deliver checkmate on b8, If black accepts this sacrifice then he/she will be checkmated on next move



Pin is a big annoying tactics for any opponent. A pin occures when a lower value piece comes in line of attack of higher value piece. In below image white is attacking queen with its bishop but knight is blocking this by coming in line of attack. Here we say, that knight is pinned to the queen. Here, knight can't move from this square until unless black moves away it's queen or black will lose the queen.


Knight is pinned to the queen (Relative pin)

   Pins are of two type: 

  • Relative Pin: When a piece is pinned to the higher value piece then it's called relatice pin. In such cases, legally opponent can play the pinned piece.
  • Absolute Pin: When a piece is pinned to the king then it's called absolute pin. In such cases, legally opponent can't play the pinned piece.


  Benefit of pinning a piece: A pinned piece is difficult to move, So you can  consider that the opponent is virtually playing with lesser pieces.



Skewer is similar to Pin exepts in skewer a higher value piece comes in line of attack tro hight value piece. In below image, King comes in line of queen attacking rook.


Black's King is skewed

In Conclusion

The player who practices chess puzzles is more likely to spot these tactics then the one who doesn't.

Frequently Asked Questions

How chess puzzles helps to improve chess

Chess puzzles trains player to spot certain piece placements that allows different kind of Chess tactic. These piece placements or patterns are easy to spot when one do puzzles every day. Chess puzzles trains player to use tactics in different kind of positions. The more puzzles you solve the better you'll get in spoting chances of getting advantage