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Beginners Bots

AvaYoga Trainer
Ava Chess Bot

Eva is a beginner chess player with an eager and curious personality. She is very active in local club tournaments.She is also a popular Yoga trainer.

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:700
MaxFitness Coach
Max Chess Bot

Max is a coach who help people achieve their fitness goals. He is also a chess player with a cautious and careful personality. He's a bit hesitant to make bold moves or take risks, preferring to play it safe and avoid making mistakes.

  • Strength: Positional
  • ELO:850
ZoeFashion consultant
Zoe Chess Bot

Zoe is a fashion consultant suggests and people their perfect style. She's stylish and trendy. She is also a club level chess player. She is a beginner chess bot with a playful and exploratory personality. She loves to experiment with different moves and tactics, always looking for new ways to approach the game and challenge her opponents

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:950
JackFinancial Advisor
Jack Chess Bot

Jack is a financial advisor who help people manage their money.He may not have the most experience or skill yet, but he's determined to keep practicing and improving until he becomes a formidable player

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:1100
Lily Chess Bot

Lily is a therapist who helps people with their mental health. She is a beginner chess bot with a logical and strategic personality. She approaches each game with a methodical and analytical mindset, carefully analyzing his opponents' moves and anticipating their next moves in order to gain an advantage on the board

  • Strength: Positional
  • ELO:1200

Epic Bots

SanjayChariot Driver
Sanjay Chess Bot

Sanjay is Chariot driver of King Dhritrastra, He is very skilled and smart guy. He has a boon of Seeing things happening any where on earth. He recited the entire happening of Mahabharat to king Dhritrashtra. Can you beat him on chess board?

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:1500
Baby AbhimanyuWarrior
Baby Abhimanyu Chess Bot

Abhimanyu is son of Warrior Arjun. He learnt to break A complex military formation named Chakravhiew while his mother Subharata was pregnant with him. Can you handle the brilliance of such child?

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:2000
Duryodhan Chess Bot

Duryodhan is Prince of Hastinapur, For whole life he had developed hatered for Pandwas. He is fierce Maharathi with amazing strength. He is very skilled in warfare. Can you handle the heat he brings on the board?

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:2300
Bhim Chess Bot

Bhim is prince of Indraprastha, He is Demigod, Son of Pawan Dev (God of Air), He is Maharathi with super human strength equivalant of 10,000 elephants. Can you stand against his might on the board?

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:2500
Shakuni Chess Bot

Shakuni is king of Gandhaar and brother of Gandhaari, who is queen of Hashtinapur and mother of Kauravas. He is mischivious with too much evil in mind. He is infamous of using illeagal means to win any war. Are you ready to defeat him? Word of Caution, He may Cheat!!!!

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:2550
Karn Chess Bot

Karn is King of Ang desh. He is super skilled in archery, He is smart and a loyal friend of Duryodhan. He has personal competition with Arjun as they both are considered as best in term of archary skills. Can you Defeat this master warrior?

  • Strength: Positional
  • ELO:2700
Arjun Chess Bot

A prince of Indraprastha, Loved by elders and favorite of Lord Krishna Himself. He is son of Indra, the king of Devas. He is considered as the best archer of the world as Declared by Sage Dron. Although, Karna would disagree. He is calm, wise, and super skilled in warfare. Can you defeat this undefeated warrior?

  • Strength: Positional
  • ELO:2720
BhishmUltimate Warrior
Bhishm Chess Bot

Son of Holy river Ganga and Grandsire of Pandwas and Kauravs. The best of Kuru Dynasty, the only one who defeated Sage Parshurama. He is Chief of Kaurav army and protector of Hastinapur. The world has never seen a warrior like him, the undefeatable, in-front of whom Arjun himself feel inferior. Do you have what is takes to defeat Bhishma?

  • Strength: Can't decide
  • ELO:2810
Krishn Chess Bot

The embodiment of Whole reality, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the auspicious and guide of Arjun. The God Krishna is a complete human in all senses. Is there anything he can't do, it's yet to be found. Try your luck and skills against the God himself

  • Strength: Attack
  • ELO:3000